Company Background :


Memphis trading and contracting company is established since 1983 relying on its founders' experience of designing, supplying, and executing, the very first, earthing and lightning protection systems in Egypt.

Since that, we have made enormous efforts defining and explaining, to all engineering and industrial field in our country, earthing and lightning protection systems benefits. Due to these efforts the local market is now well aware of the importance of our specialty. On the other hand, Memphis has not only introduced new equipment that were not familiar to the local market but also new concepts, such as the earthing calculation notes which has given earthing systems in Egypt a scientific aspect. Thus, we can proudly and confidently say that Memphis is setting new benchmark to the local market.


Our Philosophy:


When we began establishing our career in the earthing and lightning protection, we sated two growth strategies. From one hand, to deliver our field's scientific aspect in the most simple and practical way, and from the other hand, delivering the best quality materials with a reasonable price, and by doing so, we have successfully achieve the customers satisfaction. Working in this area since 1983 reflects our company's experience and capability. Huge Technicians Crew: Memphis has the largest and most experienced crew of technicians who are pleased to serve you anytime and anywhere in Egypt.


Market Leadership:


Leading the market was never by coincidence. Since 1983, our company’s foundation, we kept introducing to the market new equipment & criteria in order to achieve our goals in much more professional ways, from both technical & value for money point of views. Widest Choice: Memphis provides you all equipment you need to ensure a complete integrated system. We are the distributers of the most known brands in our field. Memphis also manufactures now various parts of the system’s components under its name. Memphis provides you high quality materials with better prices. Simply, we have an earthing system suitable for any project’s budget. Memphis Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems 2


Scope of work:


Earthing and lightning protection systems provide the safety and the well-being to individuals, machines and constrictions. We concentrate on offering our customers the best quality materials as well as the most reliable ones and at the same time with competitive prices. Knowing that the technical design is one of the main factors of a successful protection system, our technical office is ready to guide you to fulfill your requirements. At the same time our technical support and measurements department ensure the quality and the standardization of the systems installed and offer them certified reports containing a full technical evaluation.

About Us
About Us

What we
actually do.

  • 01.

    Turbine and installation of ground and lightning systems

  • 02.

    Design ground and lightning systems

  • 03.

    Measurement of ground systems

  • 04.

    Measurement of static charges

  • 05.

    Measurement of the magnetic field

  • 06.

    Measurement of soil quality resistance